A Fresh Offering in Rice Military

A great addition to the ever-growing Inner Loop Fitness Community, Baby Bull Boxing Academy is a fresh offering. Every month, a new facility seems to spring up somewhere in the Loop. The diversity of its community reflect the fact that there is no ‘one size fits all’ gym for us. From Spinning to CrossFit, Yogi’s and Triathletes, the focus on fitness inside the Loop cannot be overstated. With the recent addition of 9 Round Kickboxing, and boxing workouts in traditional gyms becoming more popular, the obvious movement is towards a full-on boxing gym, built for the masses.
Enter Brian Caldwell, with his second Baby Bull Boxing Gym at a spot-on location in the heart of Rice Military. With over 25 years of experience, Brian Caldwell is an industry leader in the field of professional athletic training. Regarded as one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the sport of boxing, Brian has been in the corner for more than 30 world championship fights. He is also a two-time Houston Golden Glove Champion. Fighters he has trained include Juan “Baby Bull” Diaz, a 4-time World Lightweight Champion.
With a focus on youth boxing and competition, in 2013 Brian and his team, opened their first gym, the Baby Bull Boxing Academy, on Harrisburg Blvd. on the East Side of downtown. Their second gym, Baby Bull Boxing Houston, just opened at 4701 Rose St. off Washington Blvd. This gym will bring professional boxing and conditioning training to anyone who wants to improve their strength and fitness.
A great addition to the community, make sure to check them out!!