Alison Brookby

Alison Brookby lives her life, daily empowering others. On a typical day, she is training clients in the morning, instructors during the day and then focused on raising two children at night; her passion, it seems, is seeing and driving positive growth in those around her. Dropping in on a packed Define Body Class, I instantly realized that her positive attitude and teaching style attracts quite a following. Her experience shines through as she balances leading a large group exercise while at the same time making small adjustments to individuals throughout the process. It is easy to see why she has become the Director for Define’s Instructor Training. 

Ali was one of the very first clients at Define, back when they opened their doors in the Fall of 2009. Like so many others, she had just come off of an injury that had left her searching for a low impact workout. She had discovered long distance running in college and was instantly hooked then. However, she developed an ankle condition that resulted in a fusion that had her off of the trails permanently. Fortunate then, that upon walking in on her first day at Define, she was met by Founder Henry Richardson whose entire concept was launched from a similar situation resulting in a need for a low impact workout

Henry was at one time a competitive diver and had broken his back. Rather than go down the path of a life of surgeries and constant rehabilitation, he found that Yoga and Pilates relieved the tension and pain on its own. An idea formed with a single studio in Tanglewood and the rest is Define history. Define now offers a solution to the high impact workouts that many grew up with. I myself ruptured a disc in my lower back, rendering the running and weightlifting that I had known since I was 12, simply unbearable. I too found Define, in the beginnings of Fitness in the Loop, and was heavily rewarded with low impact workouts that kept me in shape, positive and feeling accomplished during my recovery. 

Ali found a new life at Define. She instantly fell in love with the classes. She had never taken a Barre class before, but found that it was indeed a challenging, full body exercise that was undeniably enjoyable. She quickly became a regular client and Define came to be her ‘happy place’. She was seeing results in just a few weeks and came to love the feeling of accomplishment and clarity that she experienced with every class. 

Four years into her beginnings at Define and she decided to take her chances at auditioning to become an instructor. Define had become such a positive force in her life and she had a burning desire to share that with other people, helping them to experience the same. In late 2013 she began teaching Body and Rev. Body is a fusion of Barre, Pilates and Yoga, whereas Rev is Define’s name for their rhythm based spinning (Both amazing classes!!). She then added Bounce to her schedule in 2016, Define’s low-impact, high intensity workout, incorporating a mini trampoline and small weights. She absolutely loves seeing her clients take on new challenges and reach new goals, knowing that she has made a difference in someone’s day!

Ali had begun as an instructor at just the right time. She came on early in the franchise development of Define and joined the Instructor Training Team. As Define grew to locations all over the world, she was afforded the opportunity to travel and train new Instructors. She ended up overseeing all of the training programs offered at Define. Now, one of the favorite parts of her job is getting to visit the franchise studios, and see how the community has grown from what she started with at the first studio in Tanglewood, to where it has, and will be going, from here on out. 

Ali’s story is similar to others at Define. Many of the instructors and clients have lower back, neck or ankle injuries that have left them searching for something to fill that space. We are almost all brought up with Track & Field, Gymnastics, Weightlifting, or some other form of a high-impact workout. If that is taken away from us, there is a void, as re-defining a lifestyle routine is never easy. However, knowing that Define is rooted in a similar story, you have to know that the Define Community is understanding, positive and inviting. They make the transition for those with an injury easy. Those simply looking for a new workout, or an escape from the norm will almost certainly find a home at Define. 

There are many reasons to try Define out. You may have an injury like Ali’s, that leaves you searching for a low impact workout. You may just want to try one of their Yoga classes, Body, Rev or even Bounce. You could be new to the area and want to meet an uplifting group of healthy individuals. Whatever your goals, dipping your toes into the Define Community is well worth it!

“What are 3 things that make you smile? "Harry, Will and Kate - my husband, son and daughter. They make me smile every single day!”

— Alison Brookby