Fuel Kitchen – Your New Years Resolution

The Christmas cookies are gone and though Thanksgiving dinner may be a distant memory, the extra pounds you’ve put on during this holiday season are most likely resonating in the mirror. Throughout the holiday break and into the first few weeks of 2016, reflecting on ‘15 and then planning resolutions are a big part of the Holiday break. In the fitness community, our resolutions are likely health and body-based. “Is this the year for me to stop eating meat”, “should I evaluate where my food comes from”, “is it time to carve out those abs that have just been peaking at me for the past 5 years?” There are several questions that we will face and we will all come up with different answers. No matter your fitness goal though, it must be supported by a healthy lifestyle. This is where the gurus at FUEL Kitchen come into play.

At first step into FUEL, you might think that you’ve walked into just another prepared foods store. There are, in fact, plenty of prepared foods to choose from, along with a juice and smoothie bar. If you spend a little extra time in the store though, you might notice one or two people come in and be handed a bag full of meals from behind the counter. The bags are filled with individually selected meals. This is the result of a service that is not highly advertised, yet is, what I believe to be FUEL’s hidden gem. FUEL’s meal planning services offer the key that most of us struggle with throughout the year; nutrition.

Scheduling a sit down with one of FUEL’s consultants is painless and the meeting is relaxed and comfortable – it is also free. You’ll fill out a short form on what you eat each day and how much exercise you do. This is not a pass/fail, if you don’t exercise – no problem at all – FUEL caters to all types; from doctors that simply don’t have the time to fitness models that you’ve likely seen on the covers of magazines; proper nutrition is for everyone. You’ll discuss your nutritional beliefs (Paleo, Vegetarian, Pescetarian etc.), your likes/dislikes and how many times you plan to eat throughout the day.

If you decide to go forward with the planning, the team at FUEL will put together a customized meal plan just for you. On Mondays and Thursdays your food will be ready for pickup at FUEL. Opening the bag you’ll find your entire schedule planned out for you for those three or four days. For example; breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. As you work through the weeks, you will stay in contact with one of the consultants, constantly tweaking your diet. If you don’t like one thing and have a special taste for something else, the meals will be adjusted accordingly. The ‘menu’ is constantly changing so that you don’t get bored with the same foods.

For a lot of us “In The Loop”, dinners out with friends or business lunches are always a problem. However, once you’ve been eating the meals for about two weeks, you will know roughly what to order when you are out. I tried the program for a month and loved it. I would recommend working with an app on your phone to track your macros throughout the day. When you go off the prepared meals for those lunches or dinners, you’ll be able to better know the foods you should be eating.

A lot of people, including myself, travel a great deal for work. I’ve always thought that this would be a big problem for a prepared foods company, however, FUEL has an answer that is such a relief to hear. If you are travelling, you simply let them know the week before your scheduled food pickup. They will vacuum pack the food for you and even freeze it if you’ll be on a longer trip. If you are travelling in the States, they can arrange for the food to be delivered to your hotel. If you are heading overseas, then you’ll need a freezer bag that you can check through as luggage. This is what I did on my way overseas and it worked out very well.

Apart from the individual meal planning, FUEL also does corporate meal planning. Similar to the individual planning but with a broader stroke, a consultant can be scheduled to come to your company and do a sit down with each person that is interested in, for example, a healthy lunch. The guys take the info and deliver a lunch for each person for every day of the work week. For a lot of busy people working 9 to 5, lunch can likely be the most unhealthy meal of the day. Having the support of other coworkers and the accountability this brings really helps to keep on a healthy track. Having a healthy meal with your name on it in the company fridge every day is a great way to stay the course.

Fuel sponsors Athletes and Fitness Models, and a few of these men and women stay actively engaged in the menu’s and meal planning for clients. The results you see in their bodies come from a combination of rigorous exercise and healthy dieting. You will see them at FUEL every once in a while for a post-workout shake or to pick up their meals for the week. It is a true testament FUEL, to see these bodies of Gods and Goddesses, utilizing the same meal planning that is readily available at FUEL Kitchen.

We all know that the key to a beautiful body/mind is a healthy lifestyle. For this 2016 New Year, if you need a little help, make sure to think of Fuel when planning those resolutions.