One of the hottest trends in the fitness community is a full body workout from an unusual suspect. Spin studios are exploding in Houston with no less than three opening in the past 12 months. If you’re asking yourself how a spin class can give a full body pump, then you need to get yourself over to RYDE. A rhythm based studio, RYDE provides 45 minutes of intense, non-stop action, wrapped in boutique design and today’s hottest dance beats. After a two-song warm-up, you’ll find yourself rocking from side to side to the music, performing tricep and chest presses along with sprints and hill climbs. Along the way, the legs will slow down and you’ll pick up the weights for a song, leaving the muscles in the upper body sizzling. The custom Schwinn bikes are equipped with hi-tech consoles displaying real-time performance data. During the ride you can use the info to push yourself harder, getting the most out of your workout. After each class, you’ll receive an email with your personal performance metrics: calories burned, miles traveled, power pushed, and more. What you once thought of spin studios is simply no longer.


RYDE opened just over a year ago, and has since attracted a large and loyal following. There was a time when spin class was primarily women, however, RYDE targets the male audience well. By pulling away from being just another cardio session, the full body workout means that both men and women can utilize the time to tone their bodies. The performance metrics allow athletes to track the calories they’ve burned, which is extremely important when training. For those tracking calories and workouts over time, you’ll get an online profile on letsryde.com which maps all of your statistics in a history. You can also check your ranking in class after each session, which adds that competitive edge that so many yearn for.

For those with joint or back issues, spinning is a low-impact alternative to other activities such as running or heavy lifting. I personally started spinning because it was one of the only alternatives after rupturing a disc in my lower back. It was intimidating at first because of the cliché of spin being a class for women. I quickly learned that this is no longer the case. Men and women of all ages flock to spin for a multitude of reasons. RYDE has an age range of 20 to 70 with 40% of clients being men and 60% women.


RYDE prides itself on service. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. If you’ve never spun before you can even book a one-on-one session, to get the feel for the workout and become comfortable with the rhythm based environment. You can also catch a ‘RYDE 101’ class and get the same effect. All of the instructors have an official Schwinn certification and also go through an intensive, 12 week RYDE training program. The River Oaks Shopping Center location has a high energy, boutique feel, so the heartbeat rises when you walk through the door. The bikes are custom Schwinn Carbon Blue, built specially for RYDE. The gym has keyless security lockers – not that you would have to worry about people stealing here, but for the anxiety in all of us, this is a plus. Each of the men’s and women’s locker rooms has a shower furnished with premium amenities such as deodorant, shampoo, blow dryer and towels. If you want to fill up your water bottle, even the water fountain is high end! Everything about RYDE has been designed with utmost attention to detail and you feel it through the whole experience.

On top of the benefits to you, the client, RYDE is also highly involved within the community. They are partnered with Squeezed cold-pressed juice and refer clients to the West End Bike Shop on Blossom Street for cycling shoes. RYDE also hosts several charity rides throughout the year, the most recent being an event benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. They were the official indoor training facility and partner of the BP MS 150, and also raised more than $16,000 for the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society last fall.


Class prices and packages are more than reasonable for the area. You can purchase in packs, or by week, month or drop in. First time RYDErs can experience their first week of unlimited classes for only $30. A deal you likely will not find elsewhere. As with all spin studios, you’ll want to try out a few different instructors to find the right one for you. I’ve taken a class with Ashley, Lisi and Kelly, and all are wonderful, but each has a different touch. Some like a faster pace, while others would rather focus on upper body movements and hills. Whatever it is you are looking for, RYDE is likely to have it. Book a session now at letsryde.com, and you will not regret it!