Workout Ideas

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Want to blast into the New Year and ramp up your fat burning for the Pool Season? Try to make HIIT a tool in your workout arsenal. After a warm-up session, a HIIT workout will consist of repetitions of alternating high and low intensity exercise. Commonly utilized in spin classes and acceleration training HIIT can be performed with most any cardiovascular workout. HIIT allows you to reap the benefits of endurance training in a fraction of the time, making it easy to squeeze in to your schedule. A typical workout can last as little as 20 minutes with warm-up.

As an example for a beginner, take 10 minutes to warm up on a stationary bike. After the warm-up, watch the clock, at :00 turn up the resistance and pedal at close to maximum effort. At 15 seconds, take that resistance off and have a slow cycle for the next minute. Repeat this 7 more times for a total of 8 reps. It might not sound like much but you may have trouble just getting through this first workout!

Try incorporating HIIT into your weekly routine at least twice a week. HIIT is infinitely scalable, if you can do the workout above with no problem, lengthen the burst period, raise the resistance or add more reps. As your workouts improve, watch the mirror for results!