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The Right Touch

There are over 50 massage styles with variety of pressures, movements and techniques. Though many know the health benefits of getting a massage, I would like to share with you few of the most popular ones that I see among athletes and the ones I personally recommend.
Before anything, I highly encourage you to do your research when you are wanting to experience different types of massages. I recently visited a Thai massage studio in the Katy area where they offered a variety, from Hot Stone, Swedish, Deep tissue, Reflexology and Thai massage. The Thai massage description sounded interesting and I decided to do it but was unaware that it included a person standing on top of you and massaging you with their feet. Not the best idea nor did it feel good.

Before you decide which massage and technique is best for you, you must know whether you are looking to relieve some soreness, stress, help with relaxation, flexibility or injury.

For soreness I recommend Swedish massage- the technique is longer and slower strokes, it is relaxing and relieves tightness after a workout.
For a particular area in your body I recommend Deep Tissue- this type of massage uses a short stroke technique compared to others and really focuses on getting under the skin. This is always good technique to use after an injury.
Sports massage is great for flexibility. Many athletes prefer this before, during or even after their workout. Airrosti is a very popular one.
One of my favorites is Reflexology- it focuses on the feet by using thumb, finger and hand technique. It is known that Reflexology helps with other parts of the body and stimulates the brain.
Stone massage is popular for relaxation- very slow and long strokes. The hot stones soothes and relaxes as it transmit heat into the body.

Two of the places I have worked with and recommend:
Katy Lifestyle Chiropractor/Acupuncture- 23116 Cinco Ranch Blvd
Airrosti Family Practice- 4602 Washington Ave