Workout Ideas

Tight & Toned

A full body workout sure to leave you satisfied without needing to stay hours at the gym.

Equipment: mat, dumbbells and water

Start off with TABATA- 30 second and 10 sec rest, 5 rounds
-stationary squat
-burpees (keep a wide stance)
-seal jacks (similar to jumping jacks, keep arms in front of chest)
-reverse lunges

A)Upper Body WOD- 3 rounds of 20 sec and 10 sec rest
-DB shoulder press
-DB chess press
-DB L raise
-hammer curl
-alternate frontal raises

*cue- wrist aligns with elbow, elbow at shoulder height

B)Lower Body WOD- 4 rounds at 1 min
-Single DB arm swing (switch arms every 15 secs)
-Push up to Mountain Climbers (30 sec each)
-Stationary lunge with 1 arm DB overhead hold (remain on the same leg and switch sides every 20 sec)
-DB squat to hammer curl overhead press