Stamina For Time

Stamina Workout: Warm up with 3-4 sets: 50 meter run 12 Air Squat 12 In Step Down (alternate and hold for 2 seconds) 12 stationary lunges (alternate) Heel to toe stretch (alternate and hold for 2 seconds) 1. Stamina Fit […]

9 AMRAP Workouts

You can break down these 9 exercises in 5 min AMRAP and a 3 min AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) 5 mins: 20 jump squats 10 incline push ups 10 V ups 20 bench step ups 10 superman 3 […]


Plyometrics is a word only professional athletes are familiar with but we as fitness enthusiast can too benefit from what this particular training can bring to our day to day activities. Plyometrics enhances power and body control, as we get […]

Target Every Zone

Crunching time in between work and evening duties?! This 45 minute full body workout will have you in and out of the gym and feeling the burn all over. Complete 4 rounds: DB Curl to Press-15 reps (stand with feet […]

Tight & Toned

A full body workout sure to leave you satisfied without needing to stay hours at the gym. Equipment: mat, dumbbells and water Start off with TABATA- 30 second and 10 sec rest, 5 rounds -stationary squat -burpees (keep a wide […]

Total Body Toning

Let’s fire up your metabolism with these fast-paced strength circuts; designed to target multiple muscle groups at once. 1. Plank with alternating leg lift 2. Wood chop with resistance band 3. Dumbell squat and overhead press 4. Bent over row […]

The Kettlebell

While mostly associated with CrossFit workouts, the Kettlebell can be an excellent addition to any Fitness Lifestyle. After getting to know a few exercises, the possibilities kettlebells can offer rival those of a full gym. With a substantial variety of […]